07.10.2018 Dear Colleagues! We are glad to inform you that we have started selling low-density polyethylene and polypropylene produced by the Kiyanly plant in Turkmenistan.

Brand of products of PND:

HDPE pipe brands
- Inpipe 100 (natural / carbon black)

HDPE film brands
- J53-08 N2000

Grades HDPE for blow molding
- B50-35N-111
- НР50-25-155

Injection molding marks
- T60-475-119

Brands of PP products:

Film stamps

Stamps for textile products
- LH5072-03.0
- LH5088-25G.O

Extrusion Molding Grades
- LH3150-02.0

Casting marks
- LR7175-35.P

To order - you must send an application for the purchase of this type of product to us by e-mail info@tknpz.ru.

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